The Abbots Flyball Club is Now Closed    

We are a British flyball association registered club who train at Abbots Salford near Bidford-on-Avon Warwickshire.  New members are always welcome, whether you want to come along just to have some fun with your dog or whether you want to take part in competitions.  We are a very friendly club and are able to offer help and advice with training.  Dogs need to be at least 12 months old before they can begin flyball, they also need good recall and an obsession with a ball is very much an advantage, but not essential.  Any training will be geared to the needs of the dog.

We offer a 10 week Course for £25

 If you would like to give flyball a try we would love to hear from you whatever the size of your dog!

if you are interested in joining us. 

 please contact




                                    Latest News

The Abbots have done it again this year, they have won the British Flyball Champs 2015 with a time of 21.51 Secs for the 2nd year runining 3 times in all.






                         The new training ground is now ready  

                                        Latest News

The Latest News in is as follows, The Abbots have hit a alll time high of wining the BFA Champs 2014

The Abbots Flyball hit a all time high when they get a time of 19.27 Secs never been done before    

The Abbots hit the top this week 23rd Aug at Arcemead when they get a 1st yet again

The Abbots have done it yet again 1st place 21.26 Secs a brake out time making this 3 in a row on 14th Sept at PDA Glos