About Abbots dogs

AL - Is a german shephard cross has reached flyball Dog intermediate owned by Sarah cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc05184-jpg-2-jpg/


AERO - is a border collie run by Lesley cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/aero-dsc04931-jpg/


BOSCH - is a tri coloured working Border collie born 2005 on a farm in Warwickshire. Nickname Mr Grump. Competes but is not that enthusiastic about fly ball and would rather sit back and observe. In 2008 he was run over by a tractor resulting in a broken peIvis which was repaired with metal plates being fitted, however this does not prevent him from competing becuse now he has flyball dog on 20 Aug 2011 Owned by Nicky. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc08511-bosch-jpg/


In Memory of FYNN -is a tri coloured working Border collie born 2003. Rescued having been  dumped in a box with the rest of the litter. Nickname Fynndaloo. Excellent at agility, obedience and fly ball. Favourite game in playing with bubbles. Has now got his Gold Fly ball award which is 20,0000 points on 30th Apr 2011 Owned by Nicky. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/a6-jpg/ 


JAKE -  is a border collie born 2000 has reached flyball dog Graduate Owned by David cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc06641-jpg/


LUCY - cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/lucy-dsc06429-jpg/


MAGS - is a Jack Russell Competed in Starters Owned by Nikki. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc04791-jpg-21-jpg/

MEG - is a working Border collie. Fynn`s b

it of stuff ! Team mascot. Dislikes balls so does not compete. Owned by Nicky. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc01396-jpg/


MONTY - Is a border collie has Reached flyball dog intermediate  Owned by Alisoncms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc04580-jpg/


In Memory of MISSIE -Is a border terrier has reached flyball Dog intermediate. Owened by Lesley. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc04541-jpg7-jpg/


In Memory of MITCH - is a blue merle working Border collie born 2002. Nickname Moo. Is boss dog at home and in the team. Has competed in agility but was to fast so opted for fly ball instead. Has competed on numerous occasions and is currently working towards Gold Fly ball award which is 20,0000 points. Owned by Nicky. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/various-september-trips-031-jpg/


POPPY - A  border collie born april 2011 has competed in open has reached flyball dog Owned Byron. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc04718-jpg/


PIPPIN - is a cross bread has competed in open has reached flyball dog, Owned by Laura cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc08693-1-jpg/


RAFFI- is a border collie has competed in open has reached flyball dog Owned by Alison. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc05107-jpg/


ROSY - is a Dalmador (Dalmatian/Labrador cross) born 4 July 2007. Dad a black Labrador called George and Mum a liver and white Dalmatian called Mille-Mo. Started in fly ball in March 2009 and went straight into open competition, without trying out in starters, June 2009 competing over full height jumps. She reached Fly ball Dog Intermediate on 12th Sept 2010. She loves fly ball and meeting all the dogs. Owned by Sue & Paul. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/rosy-2-jpg/


In Memory of SHADOW - Is a border collie has reached flyball Intermediate  Owned by Gloria. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc04570-jpg/


In Memory Of SHERBIE (cleo patria)- is a calipee cross Welsh collie from Danesmere from a litter of four pupies found abandoned in Droitwitch. Born 2005. A Alpha bitch with breeding dogs, At an early age she had an obsession with balls also loves playing with cushions at home now loves going in water and swimming. Started in agility in 2006 and was a natural at this.  Joined her first fly ball club in January 2007 and can work with Crufts or BFA boxes. Joined the Abbot`s in April 2010 is doing well now and on 27th Aug 2011 Sherbie has reached Flyball Dog status. also has reached flyball intermediate  Owned by Lord Lester. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/sherbie-jpg1/


WOODY - Is a border collie has reached flyball status Owned by Nicky. cms.abbotsflyball.webnode.com/album/photo-gallery/dsc04721-jpg/