The British Fly Ball Championship 2010

17/08/2010 22:43




To be able to have a chance at this is a bit of an achievement in its self no one really knows on whether you have done enough training with the dogs to get it right, your hope is that you have and hopefully they will do well. Well it’s a week away and we can see that we are top seed and we are thinking we won’t win this but will come either 4th or 3rd; this in its self would be good as you do go in there with your eyes half shut. It’s a bit of a damp morning but we are hopping that does not put too much of a damper on the racing. Well the racing starts we win all 3 in the morning, and to top it all we have a new seed time of 20.91 seconds a time to be proud of I think. The after noon racing starts it’s raining rather hard now there are a few mistakes along the way but what the heck the air is ecstatic as it comes up for the last leg a close eye on all the dogs to get them as close as to the line as possible, luck was on our side to win this makes us The British Fly ball Champions in Division 29.

Well done the Abbots we are so proud to get this award a day to remember a relax approach to training.

                                                                   Lord Lester